Monday Night Men’s League

Monday Night Men's League


Green Fees $18.00
Shop Game $5.00

April 27th 2 Person Team Skins
May 4th 1 Ball Foursome
  11th 2 Ball Foursome
  18th 3 Ball Foursome
  25th No Event (Memorial Day)
June 1st Low Gross Low Net
  8th 2 Balls on Odd holes, 3 Balls on Even
  15th 1 Ball, 3 Ball Pick when you're done.
  22rd 1 Ball Twosome (with a twist)
  29th Skins
July 6th 1 on the 3's, 2 on the 4's, 3 on the 5's
  13th Beat the Pro
  20th Low Gross/ Low Net
  27th 3 Ball Foursome 2 Net 1 Gross
Aug 3rd 1 Ball on Odd Holes, 4 Balls on Even.
  10th 2 Ball count 1 low net 1 high net per hole.
  17th 3 Ball Foursome
  24th Low Gross/ Low Net
  31st Skins
Sept 7th No Event (Labor Day)
  14th 2 Ball Foursome
  21st 4 on the 3's, 2 on the 4's, 3 on the 5's
  28th 3 Club Event